Şenkar Refrigeration Co. has been established on 100 m² area by the brothers of Yaşar Uysal and Hüsamettin Uysal in 1988. Şenkar Refrigeration Co. has been continue to reasrch and development and give importance to the technology all the time. Today, Şenkar Refrigeration is working 12500 m² area in Konya Industrial Zone.

Where we stand now,we always want to make an impression in the World and serve our clients with the turnkey projects for supermarkets, hypermarkets, bakery shops, hotels, greengrocers, delicatessen shops, tourist facilities in domestic and foreign markets.Our high experienced and dynamic team mates continue to work with high sensitivity and devotion to sustainability of success and to provide our client’s expactations and requirements.

As Şenkar Refrigeration company ,we determined our targets and indigenised our principles as ‘well-bahaved and faithful’ and also our source of pride is; to serve our clients who we see from our familes with the qualifed products.